Volumetric/Gravimetric Feeders

Accurate Feeder


Unique agitation features make high accuracy and dependability possible.


Moksnes Manufacturing, predecessor of the current Schenck AccuRate first created the volumetric feeder which applied agitating flexible wall hopper in 1965.

The unique agitation system gently massages the material down into the metering screw, eliminating ratholing and bridge while conditioning material into a uniform bulk density. The system reduces moving parts as much as possible, cutting price and maintenance costs. All series of AccuRate Feeders utilize these original flexible hoppers.

Making four-way hopper flexing action, material in a hopper smoothly move as shown in the picture below. It supplies material uniformly and continually without changing certain bulk density, and makes extremely high accuracy of supplies possible.

The FDA vinyl hopper (flexible hopper) is guaranteed for three years with a certification of durability.

4-way hopper flexing action