Introducing a unique new concept in screw conveyors.


Designed around the principle of the Archimedian screw, the Archiflux Powder Pump utilizes helicoidal elements that fit into the stainless steel screw. These elements are made of an abrasion resistant engineered plastic and prevent the common problem of material slippage. Screws are driven by motors mounted on an outlet of feed ducts.

[1] Easy to install.
[2] Lightweight and easy to transport.
[3] Conveys mixed materials without separation.
[4] Simple, quiet operation.
[5] Designed to meet USDA and FDA specifications.

The Archiflux handles a wide variety of materials.
The Archiflux Powder Pump handles a wide range of dry materials including fine powders, flakes, granules, chips, pellets, caustics, plastics, food and pharmaceutical materials and many more. Let KUMA, the dry material professionals, test your material in the Archiflux Powder Pump and help you solve your dry material conveying problems.

〈Technical Data〉

Type Feed rate Conveying material
KSC-44/55N 3.1m3/Hr fine particle
KSC-44/60N 3.1m3/Hr grain
KSC-50/65N 4.5m3/Hr fine particle
KSC-50/75N 4.5m3/Hr grain
KSC-60/75N 5.0m3/Hr fine particle