Disc Conveyor


Innovative powder conyeyor which is well suited for every powder.


The Disc conveyor is an innovative mechanical conveyor which we can design to your specifications.

Material is filled through the inlet hopper into the tube, in which it is conveyed to the outlet by disc cable.

Discs play the part of scrapers, or buckets in case of vertical, which enables the disc conveyor to convey even fine powders.

Moving parts of the disc cable are composed of a stainless center cable with plastic discs at regular intervals, a sprocket wheel and a driven wheel at both sides of two parallel tubes. This disc cable engages with the sprocket wheel which is driven by a motor.

[1] It is possible to convey materials in any direction: Horizontally, Vertically and Sloping, so it is easy to make the desired layout.

[2] It is possible to install the multiple inlets on the conveyor, and so this unit is suitable for the systematization of plants.

[3] The best for conveying long distances.

[4] Conveying without breaking granular and fiber forms.

[5] Complete housing.

[6] Very little noise when running.

[7] The small hosepower motor needs little power consumption.

[8] Low maintenance cost: Economical.

〈Conveying materials〉
cement, titanium, dioxide, ferrite, aluminum powder, zinc oxide, activated carbon, carbon black, fine carbon, calcium oxide, hydrated lime, silica sand, talc, calcium carbonate, PVC, polyethylene, ABS, pobal, glass fiber, and many more.

〈Technical Data〉

Model Feed rate
TDC-40A 1.0m3/Hr
TDC-50A 1.4m3/Hr
TDC-80A 4.7m3/Hr