Volumetric/Gravimetric Feeders

Mecha Tron Feeder


The first feeder system with electronics and control integrated into mechanics.


[1] Having 3 kinds of feed systems; Coni-Flex, Coni-Seel and Vibration Feeder, Macha Tron can deal with a wide range of materials.
[2] Easy maintanance from 'non-process-side.' (patent pending)
Without removing extension hopper, you can detach feed hopper. Quick and easy disassembly for maintenance and cleaning.
[3] Integrated measuring, control, and supervisory electronics.

The first feeder accommodable all applications in the world.



Model Low Range Mid Range High Range
Feed Rate(l/h) 0.5〜650 5〜9,500 36〜32,000
Feed Module Coni-Flex
Vibration Feeder
Explosion proof available