Mass Flow meters



The Mass Flow Meter for High Flow Rates


〈Measuring Principle〉
Direct measurement of bulk solids mass flow.


P = Flow rate
M = Torque [Nm]
W = Angular speed [S-1]
R = Measuring wheel redius [m]

[1] 0.5% measuring accuracy.
[2] Smaller installation location due to compact design.
[3] Easy maintenance by simple structure.
[4] Measuring principle is not influenced by vibration from a counter.
[5] Can be used even at material temperatures up to 130° Celsius.

◆Use in plastics granulation.  
◆Use in polyester production.

〈Technical Data〉

Max. flow rate S40 : max40m3/Hr
S80 : max80m3/Hr
S160 : max160m3/Hr
Bulk density min 0.3g/cm3
Moisture content max 1%
Ambient tempareture -30℃〜50℃
Grain size max 5mm S40, S80
max 8mm S160
Flow properties free-flowing to slightly sluggish, non-adhesive