Volumetric/Gravimetric Feeders

MALTIGRAV Feed Station


◆Loss-in-weight feed system consisting of one to five system modules.
◆Simultaneous feeding of multiple ingredients for formation of homogeneous blends.
◆Nominal feed rate per system module between 0.3 and 400 kg/hr.
◆High feed accuracy and constancy (better than +/- 0.5%).
◆Compact design enables space saving installation.
◆Easy and quick cleaning.
◆Safe in operation and maintenance-free.

The MULTIGRAV(R) Feed Station is used for continuous feeding of granules in gravimetric mode. Typical scenarios are extruder and compounder plants in the plastics and chemical industries.

The system module with weigh hopper and vibro feeder is optimally centered on a weighing module. Comprising a load cell insensitive to vibration, this module is connected with a bracket suitable for many applications (see Fig.: MULTIGRAV(R) 1-Station feeder). For blending, two to five system modules are arranged on a joint bracket around a central blending hopper.
The blending hopper, too, can be equipped with the above mentioned weighing module. Mounting and cabling of the individual components is done by SCHENCK, so that user’s connection via cabling box is simplicity itself. Thanks to the compact design of the individual system modules, the blending system has an extremely low headroom.
Easy access has been ensured from the beginning.

Every single system module operates on the loss-in-weight principle (controlled loss in weight per unit time). The vibro feeder enables the material flow to be controlled gently and accurately with the use of a vibrating trough.

The vibrating troughs feed the material into a blending hopper equipped with an insert specially designed for optimization of blend. The blending hopper also serves as buffer for the downstream process. The bracket is designed for highest protection from environmental influences.