Mass Flow meters



Impact plate principle


The impact plate measuring principle used in the Multistream B-80 is based on the reactive force generated when a dry material, directed by an inlet pipe, strikes a steel impact plate mounted at a defined angle. The horizontal component of the reactive force is sensed by a load cell and processed electronically into flow rate and total weight values, with accuracies of +/- 2% .

◆Compact design - no loss of headroom due to additional chutes.
◆Dust-tight stainless steel housing.
◆Cost effective, simple integration -offset-free arrengement of inlet and outlet.
◆Weighing electronics can be integrated in the mechanical system.

〈Technical Data〉

Flow rate max 80m3/hr
Accuracy ±2% of feed rate
Measurement range 1:5
Machine weight 50kg
Material temrerature max 70℃
Bulk density min 0.4T/m3
Physicality not suited for adhesive materials