Volumetric/Gravimetric Feeders

Weighbelt Feeder


AccuRate weighbelt feeders are compact, high-performance and reliable belt feeder.


A weigbelt feeder is a belt scale that varies the belt speed to provide a controlled rate of flow. When the belt speed remains constant, it is primarily used to weigh the material being fed into a process or used to show a totaled amount.

[1] Standard frames are made from stainless-steel.
[2] Including B.I.C(Automatic Belt Influence Compensation) system as standard equipment.
[3] Prevention function for Automatic Belt meandering is equipped.
[4] Slide bar suspention makes it easy to adjust pulley parallelism.
[5] Easy belt maintenance and belt exchange by one-touch-lever.

◆Fragile (friable) materials, such as popcorn or fibers which could be damaged in a traditional screw feeder.
◆Materials with large particles which may not fit through a screw feeders.
◆Abrasive materials that may damage other types of feeders.
◆Wide range of feed rates from low capacity to high capacity.
◆Applications where headroom is limited.

〈Models & Specifications〉
AccuRate weighbelt feeders are available in two sizes. Each model’s limited range for feed rate is 20:1.

Model DEA300 DEA600
Feed Rate(kg/hr) *1 10〜19,000 130〜40,000
Belt width(mm) 305 610
Motor *2 1/3HP.DC 1/2HP.DC
Materials of construction SUS304 polyurethane belt SUS304 polyurethane belt

*1 Bulk density 0.5. Belt speed 18m/min.
*2 AC motors are also available.

Beside above-cited, there are some combinations of weighbelt feeder and AccuRate feeder.