Volumetric/Gravimetric Feeders



Our newly developed CAROUSEL feeder has the world's first structure that eliminates bridges and rat holes by giving slewing motions on feeding materials. (Patent registered)


The new anti-bridging system consists of a flexible hopper and a unique slewing ring that mounts some agitator rollers. The agitator rollers on a slewing ring surrounded a flexible hopper rotate and press on the flexible hopper continuously as the agitator rollers move on the surface of the hopper side. This slewing motion enables materials in the flexible hopper turn around, and consequently prevents bridges and rat holes from generating. Hopper vibration can be avoided as the agitation rollers are obiting the flexible hopper in a gentle manner without any vibrating elements.

1. Feeding accuracy of +/- 0.5%
2. Easy maintenance from non-process side
3. Fewer part items allow for reduction of maintenance expenses
4. Flexible hopper with high heat resistance and chemical resistance
5. No vertical force to hopper from bridge breaker


Feed rate 5~1320L/h
Feeding accuracy ±0.5%
Feeding method Screw
Drive 0.2kw AC motor
Weight 65kg
Extension hopper 100L, 200L
Load cell 150kg, 300kg
Contact parts SUS304, wear resistance rubber, PE
Power source 200V, 3-phase

1) Explosion-proof motor
2) Stainless panel (Standard: ABS resin)