Plastic Compounders

To form a plastic with application specific characteristics from standard components (e.g. PE, PP, PA, ABS, SAN) with no additives except some oxidation protective agents, a special plastic compounder is required.


Plastics Granulation

In plastics granulating plants, basic plastic powders, such as PE and PP, are transformed into standard plastics with the addition of additives.


Polyester Plants

Synthetic fiber production plants:
In these plants, PTA powder (Purified Terephtalic Acid) and glycol are fed into a preparation vessel and prepared by the downstream polycondensation system for the
manufacture of polyester Synthetic fiber.


Weighfeeders in the Fertilizer Industry

In fertilizing plants, as in the manufacture of NPK fertilizers, various raw materials and fillers are fed with the use of weighfeeders.